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Ben Calhoun 
Founder, JetFeather Artist House


Jonathan Jackson
JetFeather Artist Liason, A&R & Label Manager

Artist Mentoring | Development | Management | Co-writing | Production | Mixing | Mastering | Digital Distribution Photography | Videography |  Fundraising

Ben Calhoun. "At JetFeather Artist House we help young artists build their careers. We specialize in helping artists develop and realize their goals. We are a one-stop shop family that partners with the artist for everything they need. Our philosophy is that artists should own their art... including their masters. We simply help them do that.


With my 30 plus years in the music business one of my favourite things to do is help artists be... ARTISTS!" 


we help songbirds fly.

Jonathan Jackson. Works as an Artist Liaison/Representative, A&R(Artist & Repertoire) and Manager for JetFeather Artist House. Jonathan helps assist artists at JetFeather with all things music, business and JetFeather related. From an artist's Marketing needs/Music release strategy, artist branding, PRO(BMI/ASCAP) representation and more. As a recording artist and songwriter himself, Jonathan brings his creative and artistic representation to the business and marketing side of the artist's music at JetFeather.

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